Gestalt Activity

Image of Gestalt ActivityMy Concept and Creation Process

Before I got to this finished product, I went through different shapes to see what I could create using that one basic shape.  I also decided to use Adobe InDesign to create this piece.  I wanted to use a shape that wasn’t used much in the samples, which was a circle.  I also wanted to create a picture of something that others didn’t create as well.  One I figured out how to draw a heart on Adobe InDesign, I decided to use that shape.  Though if you look closely, it looks like an apple as well.  Once I decided on the shape I looked at the color wheel.  When I saw the colors of yellow, lime, and green this image appeared in my mind and I went to work.

I made this heart different sizes, colors, and angles to get this finished product with a lot of overlapping as well.  I implemented the Rule of Odds in the repeating process and I used ample amount of white space.  After getting my parents critique I saved this as a PDF and used Adobe Photoshop to turn this into a JPG file.

This was a very fun assignment to do, and I can’t wait to see what more we will do in this class.


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