Event Flier

Event Flier


My project in Microsoft Word.



I wanted to find a cause that meant something.  I brainstormed through different ideas and tried to look for images that could work for this project, but I wasn’t finding anything that I liked.  Feeling quite frustrated I went on a walk and on this walk I thought back to one of the conference talks I listened to earlier that week on a walk about I Was a Stranger project the General Relief Society Presidency had started.  I knew then what to do my project on.  It was confirmed when I found a great image to work with.  My next step was to think of the benefactor.  Since I Was a Stranger is an LDS thing, I thought doing an benefit concert featuring LDS artists was the way to go so I used the 2 main companies that publish LDS music to be my benefactors.

With my idea in mind, I took note of the sketches I made and went to work using Microsoft Word.  I decided on colors based on the colors in my image.

Critique Process:

Through my online class Facebook group page I was able to look at other work done by members of my class.  I commented on the following classmates: Jacob Hayes, Melanie Buchanan, Lean Goodwin, Carrie Hunt, and Israel Marquez.

The following critiqued my rough draft and what they thought I should do: Leah Goodwin – “The main thing that stands out to me is the lack of background color that will give it more of a finished look.” Emma Merrill – “I’d change the white area to another color, and then change the blue and orange areas to colors that match your photo better.” The last critique was from my instructor, Sister Peterson.  She suggested that I move Benefit Concert below the main title, take away the orange glow I had around the blue box, and change the orange font in the blue box to the dark blue font.

Out of the critiques I was given I followed my instructors the most.  I didn’t really want a background color other than white on my flier.

Color Scheme:

Complimentary: Blue and Orange


Title- Bookman Old Style – Oldstyle,
Body Copy- Calibri – Sans Serif

Link to image:

https://www.youtube.com/user/ShadowMtnRecords (logo)

https://boardgamegeek.com/image/157563/covenant-communications-inc (logo)

http://utahrefugee.org/our-partners.html (main image)


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