Slide Design

Slide Design


Slide 1

  • Share Matthew 25: 35-36, 40 to bring meaning to the image.

Slide 2

  • There are an estimated 60 million refugees in the world today, which means the “1 in every 122 humans…has been forced to flee their homes,” and half of these are children.

Slide 3

  • What if their story were my story?
  • Also share are we were once refugees fleeing to Quincy, Illinois from Missouri.

Slide 4

  • Christ was a refugee
  • Tell his story of fleeing to Egypt.

Slide 5

  • Share examples of those who have reached out to the refugees and how joyful awakening it was for their soul

Slide 6

  • What can I do? Tell about “I Was a Stranger.”

Slide 7

  • Meet refugee families and hear their stories with your own ears.

Slide 8

  • Explain how being refugees don’t define who they are and that many succeed in life, but how we respond to them will define
  • End again with Matthew 25: 35-36, 40


I started this project by first coming up with a talk to create a slide presentation on.  There was a few that I was thinking on until I listened to “Refuge from the Storm” again while on a walk.  Once I heard it was about helping the refugees I knew that this was the talk I needed to do.  It goes hand in hand with my event flier I did last week.

With the talk in mind I created an outline of the talk that would be for the speaker’s notes to help guide them through the presentation.  From that outline I looked for images that would help illustrate the different points of the talk.  With the images in mind I created a sketch of what my slides would look like.

6A Sketch image

Using my sketches as a guide, I used Microsoft PowerPoint to create my slides.  Once I was done with all the slides I saves them as jpegs to preserve the typography and insert those jpegs back into the presentation.  With all the slides replaced this the image of them I then saved it as a PDF and uploaded that file to SlideShare.  I then posted a link to my SlideShare on the Facebook page of my class for critique.

Critique Process

On the Facebook page for my class I looked at and critiqued the slides for Jacob Hayes, Beth Kirby, and Tiffany Carbajal.  For those who critiqued my slides Tiffany Carbajal said, “Charity, I enjoyed your slide and the pictures you put on there. I would watch that your edges are .5 away from the edges. Some of the slides had punctuation, some did not.”  In Sister Peterson’s critique video she told me that I needed to unify my images more, and move my text over  a bit from the edge.

I ended up converting all my images to black and white and changing my watermark to a blue to add some color to my slides.  I also moved the text over from the edge.  I decided that  I loved the look to the final product.


Refuge from the Storm by Elder Patrick Kearon (April 2016 General Conference)


Help the refugees and bring them in from their storm.

Target Audience

Members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Color Scheme

Black, White, and Blue, basically monochromatic


Gill Sans Ultra Bold Condensed (San Serif)

Gill Sans MT Condensed (San Serif)

Image Sources



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