Magazine Content

Magazine Content

For an upcoming project coming later this semester.  I started gathering the content for what will be a magazine spread.  We were to pretend that we worked for one of the LDS Church’s magazines and write an article and design a layout.


My target audience will be those 18 or older for the Ensign magazine, but most specifically in the young adult age group.


Change Brings to Pass Good Things

I once thought I hated change, and maybe a small part of me still does, but overall I have discovered great things about change.  This journey of discovery all started back in September 2015 when my YSA ward boundary changed.  I started the month in one ward with many friends and a great bishopric, and ended the month in a new ward bringing a few friends with me and not knowing a single member of the bishopric.  I had to start all over in a new ward.  During that first week of hearing the news, my trip to Palmyra, New York just a few weeks before came to mind.

While I was in Palmyra, I took to opportunity to walk in the Sacred Grove where Joseph Smith went to pray in the spring of 1820 and saw God, the Eternal Father, and His Son, Jesus Christ.  While I thought back on that moment I realized that if Joseph Smith did not do something different from his daily routine of working on the family farm, then it would not have led him to other events that brought forth the organization of the church in these latter days.

One such event was the bringing forth of the Book of Mormon, the keystone of our religion.  While I was in Palmyra, I toured the E. B. Grandin Press building where the Book of Mormon was first printed.  On this tour, I learned about the different changes that took place just prior to Joseph Smith approaching Grandin to publish the Book of Mormon.  One such example was how they were now able to print more pages at a time than what they were able to not long before the printing began.  If it were not for that change, then it would have taken much longer to finish the first printing of the Book of Mormon.

Realizing those significant historical changes brought to pass such a vital blessing in my life, the Gospel.  I knew in that first week of my ward boundaries being changed that this change in my life would bring about good things in my life.  I just needed to give this new ward a chance and see what would happen.

I have been in this ward for eight months now, and I have seen many good things in my life as a result.  I have made new friends.  I have developed my singing ability more by joining the ward choir; my last ward did not have one.  I passed my web development class all due to the help of a guy in my new ward.  I have a great bishopric, who do all they can to help me fulfill my calling as the Mingles Chair.  Very recently, I have discovered that I am third cousins once removed with a member of my bishopric.  I would not have known this if I did not join the ward group on Relative Finder, and I would not have been able to do this if I was not a member of this ward.

My testimony of change is just beginning.  Sometimes, we have to change ourselves to see great things happen.  I have struggled waking up in the mornings for as long as I can remember.  I knew that I would not be able to get a good job once I was finish with school if I did not resolve this.  I also wanted to be healthier.  I wanted to lose some weight so that I could feel good about myself and fitting in some cute clothes would be a plus.  Therefore, I had to change the way that I lived my life.  I started to track my calories and water due to the help of the Fitbit app.  I had to be diligent about getting out and walking.

Since I made those changes in my daily routine, I have not only discovered that my pants are getting loose around me and that the numbers on the scale are going down, but I have discovered that I do my best pondering out on my walks.  They help me think through my challenging assignments for school, and I have been able to listen to the scriptures or conference talks as I walk, which in turn inspires me to be better.  I have been feeling great, and I have managed to get up before 8:30 every morning for two weeks now, which has allowed me to accomplish more things before having to go to work in the afternoon.

Elder Marivn J. Ashton in the 1979 General Conference said, “When change is thought through carefully, it can produce the most rewarding and profound experiences in life. The changes we make must fit the Lord’s purposes and patterns.”  This confirms my testimony, that change is good, and that it can bring to pass good things.  The benefits of change are not automatic.  It is a process, just like a caterpillar changing into a butterfly.  It takes time.  If you want good things to happen, then you have to change yourself for the good and embrace it when it happens out of your control.  The final step is to exercise patience as you wait for the symbolic butterfly to emerge from its cocoon of change.


caterpillar to butterfly image

Elder Marvin J Ashton image


Below is an image of a couple of sketches I am thinking of doing for my project.

image of sketches

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4 thoughts on “Magazine Content

  1. tahneerose says:

    Love your story! I especially loved the end where you mentioned about excising patience. I think this is the final step we know we NEED to do but do not want to do as well. It can be hard to be patient when we what to see a change in any situation. Really great job!


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