Social Media Marketing


Book Reviews 4 You – This is my book review website in which you can also purchase any of the books I have a review for.


To create awareness of the website and that all you need is a good book to explore different adventures of life.


Create 3 different memes for Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.  2 of the five required posts will be of related content.  I will use #explorewithabook on all posts to help tie them together.

Creative Process

Below each image I explain who my audience is and my creative process.

Instagram posts

Post #1

I created this in Microsoft Word with book lovers in mind who needs a vacation.  I used google to find an image that just screams someone taking a book on vacation.  I found this image very appropriate for my purpose.  I had a different look originally, but changed it to match what I did with image number 2.


Post #2

I too create with using Microsoft Word with adventures in mind who need to take some time to relax while exploring.  Using Google, I found this image very appealing for my purpose.  I originally had more space between #explorewithabook and the main statement, but I moved them closer together to keep them consistent with my other two images.


Post #3

I used Microsoft Word again with readers who like to read late into the night.  Using Google, I found this image that works great with my purpose.  I too changed the original look to match the look in image 2.


Post #4

Using Google, I searched for other memes that work with my campaign and found this one that I believe relate to what I’m doing with my strategy.


Post #5

This imaged was created by author Shannen Crane Camp.  Since I am currently reading this book for my website, I decided to post this image in Instagram too letting my followers know what I’m currently exploring and what review they could look forward to.

Critique Process

When I finished my rough draft images I posted them to the class Facebook page for critiques.  Alli Bohls commented saying, “Great job on these Charity! I love the pictures you chose, and you have great repetition. I think on this one though, I would move where you put the #explorewithabook. Just because the water line is a tiny bit crooked, and it’s straight, it’s throwing me off a little bit. Overall, really great project though!”

Leah Goodwin commented saying, “Great job, great photos. I wonder though if they could be more consistent in their design? My suggestion would be to make the first one match the second one, (remove the boxes and do the transparent color, format the words similarly) and to move the hashtag on the second one down below the message like you did on the first one. Hopefully this makes sense.”

In her critique video Sister Peterson said pretty much the same thing.

I then commented on Stephanie Mansfield, Melanie Buchanan, and Cole Hibbard’s posts.


Arial Rounded MT Bold – Sans Serif

Arial Black – Sans Serif

Image Source



One thought on “Social Media Marketing

  1. findingjoyinmyjourneyblog says:

    I really like your memes that you created. My favorite is post #3, I had to show it to my daughter who is a big book nerd, and she loved it. I like how you used a similar font, but changed up the images to keep it interesting. Your images go perfectly with your message and I am sure they will help increase awareness. You should check out Kristen Dunnell’s project at
    She did a great job to increase awareness too.


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