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For this project I went around taking pictures of random objects around the house, but I wasn’t liking any of the images. I finally took the IBC Root Beer bottle outside in between rain showers to take next to a tree in my front yard and liked what I got. After taking more than 12 angles and viewpoints of the bottle I then used Adobe Lightroom to lighten up the top 12 photos that turned out the best to make them more pleasing to the eye.

After playing around the look and feel of the 12 photos I used Adobe Photoshop to create a photo collage using 6 of the 12 photos. Using the eye dropper I pulled out the colors for the background and the typography from the photos I used.

Critique Process

I posted my rough draft onto the class Facebook page for critique and received the following critiques:
Lindsey Meeker Cordova: I love this idea. I think you did a fabulous job. If you make any changes I’d work on the topography a bit. It seems a bit harder to see when it goes into the tree in the other photo.
Tiffany Carbajal: I like the shot inside the bottle. I am not sure if you grab a color from your photos for the background. I would choose a brighter color to make it pop more.
Leah Goodwin: Great idea. your right two shots seem very similar. do you have a really close up one of the glass/bottle? you could put in below the shot of the inside of the bottle. That would be really interesting to see. I agree a different color might look good, maybe even red, like the cap.
Sister Peterson: In her critique video she told me I should make sure my pictures are aligned at the bottom of the page. She also said I should add more contrast to my photos in Adobe Lightroom. She also pointed out that the tail end of Beer was a little hard to read so she suggested either adding a stroke or drop shadow or taking the color to red to match the bottle cap.

I played around with the suggestion of fixing my typography so it is more readable by applying a stoke and a bevel.  I also made the green background from a slightly lighter green to the current dark green.  I also tweaked up the photos more in Adobe Lightroom to hopefully add more contrast to the images.  Lastly, I made sure the the photos are lined up correctly.

I critiqued on Israel Cordero Márquez, Kristen Dunnells, and Shanalee Williams Manwaring rough drafts.


Segoe UI Bold (sans serif)
Segoe Script Bold (script)


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