Movie Poster Project

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Printout Critique


I first brainstormed a movie idea to use that could help describe me.  I’m a hopeless romantic, so I wanted it to be a romance movie.  I also love cowboys, so I wanted it to be a country romance.  As far was making me a ghost, that thanks is due to my co-workers and my cousin.  My co-workers are always talking about the “Seagull Ghost” that apparently haunts our bookstore.  Also my cousin just published a paranormal mystery romance novel that I read a little while back, so I had ghosts on my mind.  I thought it very fitting to throw a ghost into my movie.  This movie is obviously a made-up movie, but my co-workers think that it needs to be a real movie now, so maybe I’ll write a book to help appease them.

Next, I looked for a background image to work with.  I tried going out to take some of my own shots, but I didn’t like anything I came up with, so I then did a Google search for a cowboy image to use and find the one that I used.  I instantly fell in love with it.  After that, I had to setup a photo shoot studio in my backroom using a bed sheet to hangup in the room to use as my back drop and then I used the sunlight coming from the window and the light above me for my lighting.  I used a tripod to rest my camera on, and used a self-timer to take my picture.  I went through so many pictures of different angles to make sure I can get a good image of myself and making sure the light is hitting me at the proper place.

Once I had my images to work with I used Adobe Lightroom to tweak up the image a bit for the one I liked the best.  Next I used Adobe Photoshop to cut myself out of the image to bring unto the background image in another document.  I spent the most time trying to figure out how to make it so my body copy was more readable.  Once I felt satisfied with my rough draft I posted the image to my class Facebook page for critiques.


From young teenage girls to adult women who love romance themed movies.

Critique Process

I received the following critiques:

Alli Bohls I can’t really read the text at the bottom. Maybe it is just because it’s a small picture and will be blown up later. But maybe make it a size bigger?

Carrie Perkes Hunt I can’t read the bottom either. And I wasn’t sure if we were supposed to do a movie summary or just other info at the bottom. I like what you have so far though.

In her critique video, Sister Peterson suggested that I darken up the background image a little more and use the burn or dodge tool to help with the pixelation of the image, make the body text a little bigger and to get rid of the black transparency box from behind the body text or blur it more into the background.  She also wanted me to move my “Written and Directed by Michael Landon, Jr.” up one line to be with the movie summary.  She also wanted me to clear up the image around my hat a bit.

I did my best to clean up the pixelation, but it did not really do anything.  Maybe I’m still don’t understand all of Photoshop yet.  I darkened the image, which I think helped a bit, but no much.  I made the the font size bigger for the body copy and movie the name of the director closer to the movie summary.

I critiqued the work of Shanalee Williams Manwaring, Alli Bohls, and Brent Fisher.

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