Magazine Spread Final

final version of magazine spread


I started this project in week 7 by writing an article for the Ensign magazine and finding the images to use for my layout with a sketch of what I plan to do for my layout.  I’ve now taken that sketch a created a shape map (below).

shape map for spread

Once I had my shape map created I then worked on creating my rough draft (below).

rough draft of spread

To create this I used Adobe Photoshop to pull the branch with the butterflies out of the background of an image I found on the internet. (source below)  I then used that image as my source for my color scheme.  I then found two contrasting fonts to use for my typography.  This spread, as mentioned in my week 7 blog post, is intended for Ensign readers.

Critique Process

Once I was done with my rough draft, I posted it to my class Facebook page and received the following critiques:

Kaley Michelle Sullivan – I think that it’s very one note. Maybe add pieces of contrast. It’s all just at a stand still. Maybe use a light blue background or something. Just add more contrast and color in anyway you can! Good job and good image!

Lindsey Meeker Cordova – I really like this. The only thing I’d try to change is getting the words off the image. I feel like it takes away from the image.

Melton Jefferson – I love the stages of the growth of the butterflies. I agree that might just need to be some bright colors to layout. Maybe give the butterfly some contrasting color.

Sister Peterson – So this looks really really good. My only suggestions are to indent just one more click over on the paragraphs, it is hard to see that there is an indent. Also the Yellow text (title) is a little hard to read when it overlaps with the darker valued elements. It is because it is the too close to the same value. I would either lighting your background a little more, add a drop shadow to your text, or bring it down a little closer to the body copy. You can do all of the options too, whatever looks best! Beautiful job, nice colors and very clean.

I added the blue behind the butterflies, increase the indents in the paragraphs, added a stroke to the title, lessen the transparency on the butterflies, increased the transparency on the background, and cleaned up around the butterflies a little bit more.

I critiqued Kristen Dunnells, Kaley Michelle Sullivan, Beth Kirby, and Cole Hibbard.

Critique Video


Cambria – Serif (Oldstyle?)

Brush Script Std – Script


Orange, Green, and Blue


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