For this project I used Microsoft PowerPoint to design my portfolio. I inserted the images of all my projects and then I put them in order of my best creations to my decent creations. I then figured out on what color I should have on each slide to correlate with the image. My last step with to figure out what fonts to use.

Critique Process

After I was done with my rough draft I posted it on my class Facebook page for critiques. I received the followings critiques:

Shanalee Williams Manwaring – Great portfolio I really like the design for your background that you choose. You also did a great job at putting consistency with your colors and images. My only suggestion would be to see if you can have your Social Campaign slide break the barrier like all the rest of your slides did.

William E Mark – I loved the way your color changed to match the theme of each slide. Your design is very relaxing and easy to flow through the presentation. Great job!

Sister Peterson – In her critique video she wanted me to take the word “Design” out of my title for my web page slide so it will look better. There were some slides where I was off on my alignment a bit so I fixed those. On my Slide Design slide she wanted me to take out some of my slides so that I can align the slides better with the slide title. Everything else was good.

I critiqued of Beth Kirby and Kaley Michelle Sullivan’s portfolios.


Eras Bold ITC
Eras Medium ITC


12 thoughts on “Portfolio

  1. lmgoodwi says:

    Great job on your portfolio. I really like the flow of the curve that you used for your design element. Changing the colors on each slide to match your project really looks nice too.


  2. Bill Mark says:

    Charity, I like the subdued background color you chose. It highlighted all your images throughout the portfolio. You have a very good presentation and have done a great job all semester. You have given me some great ideas for my own projects this semester. Thanks! Great Job! Check out my blog at: http://wp.me/p7sR5j-2R


  3. chibbsite says:

    I really like your work! Great job on all your projects you can see a lot of hard work went into them. The slides are great on your portfolio they show the projects well and organized and I think you picked a great order for your projects.


  4. suzieandlogan says:

    Super job! You do great job of using clean lines and elements though out the slideshow. I really like how you changed the colors at the top of each slide to better complement your work. Nice job.


  5. carriehuntblog says:

    Charity, I think you did a great job on your portfolio. I like how you dropped color from your project into your slide layout. I also like how your projects were over your curved line element yet the design could be seen consistently throughout the slide show. Nice to see all your wonderful projects in one place. well done.


  6. tahneerose says:

    Oh my favorite was the magazine spread I think! You did a great job designing in all projects though! Your designs throughout the semester have really shown such great placement and font choices. Well Done!


  7. kirbyeibyui says:

    Your portfolio design is really professional. I love the unity of your background for both over all appearance and each project. Keeping the bottom of the background the same color and pulling the color of the top part from each project was a great idea. I wish you all the best!


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