Road to Rosewood


Rose to Rosewood is the first novel I’ve read from Ashtyn Newbold, but it is her third novel she has out.  She is also the author of Mischief and Manors and Lies and Letters.  After reading Rose to Rosewood I can’t help but want to read the others now.  The book was simply amazing.

If you love romance and a little tiny bit of action, then you will love this book.  Oh yeah, I almost forgot.  It has a lot of humor as well.  Just like Lucy Abbot, you will be in love with Nicholas Bancroft from the very beginning.  This book was so good, that I stayed up until 1:30 in the morning just to finish the book.

I would definitely put this on your “To Read” list.

Book Blurb

“Don’t make a sound, Lucy.” The man glanced over his shoulder, straight at my face. With one hand, he reached up and pulled the venetian mask from his eyes.

Growing up in a dreary coastal town, Lucy Abbot has secretly dreamt of a perfect and exciting romance, missing her childhood summers spent in the countryside with her cousins and their charming neighbor, Nicholas.  After Lucy learns that Nicholas has been married in the six years of her absence, she is heartbroken and more determined than ever to move beyond her past and claim her independence.  Lonely and confined, Lucy grasps and opportunity to return to the estate of Rosewood at her cousin’s invitation, hoping the escape will lift her spirits, keeping her departure secret from her protective parents.

But just as her journey is finally underway, her carriage is besieged by highwaymen with a familiar man leading them.  Struggling through the past heartbreak and fearing for her life in the present, Lucy can’t help but wander–could this mysterious outlaw be exactly the person she has been searching for?


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