Change comes whether we like it or not.  Change is apart of our lives.  Change comes in all shapes and sizes. Today I am facing a change.  This change comes in the form of my parents leaving to serve a full-time mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints as Family History Specialist running the Family History Center in Cebu, Philippines.

I am happy for them to have this opportunity to serve a mission together, but I have always thought that when this time would come that I would already be married and living out of my family home.  Since this is not the case, I’m a bit sadden by the fact that I won’t be coming home from work each day and seeing my parents there.  I won’t be able to climb up on my parents bed to talk to my dad as he is settling in for the night.  I won’t be able to have my dad around to help me understand what the car mechanic is saying is wrong with my car (hopefully this doesn’t happen a lot while they are gone). I won’t be able to go to my mom to rub some essential oils on my back when my back starts to bug me.  I won’t be able to distract my mom with Netflix binges.

As much as I’m going to miss my parents, I know that blessings will come to me and my family for their willingness to serve the Lord and the people of Cebu, Philippines.  I know that blessings will come, because change always brings to pass good things.  It is a testimony that I have that gets stronger as a new change comes into my life.

My council to you my dear readers is to not be afraid of change.  Even though change can be hard, I know that with time it gets easier.  I will keep telling myself that as I drop my parents off at the airport, and you need to keep telling yourself that as you face new change in your own lives.


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