Short Investigations


The latest of Clair M. Poulson’s novels, Short Investigations, was simply awesome.  Anytime a cowboy is involved in a story, you know that it’s going to be great.  It’s simply a given.  But what turns a great story into awesome is a character named Charity.

I’ve always wanted to read a story with a character by the name of Charity in it, but I never expected that character to be the murder victim.  Though I would’ve preferred to read about a character by the name of Charity as the leading lady of the story, being the murder victim would be number two on the list of preferences.

But in all reality, Clair Poulson could’ve named the murder victim a different name and I still would’ve loved it.  He got me hooked from the start, and had me wandering who done it until the end.

If you love mysteries, then this is the book to read.  This book is solely devoted to solving the murder, but it does give you some glimpse of romantic chemistry, but not to the point that guys won’t read it.  But just enough to keep the romance readers intrigued.

I highly recommend this read.


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