When Two Rivers Meet


I first heard of Deborah M. Hathaway when she reached out to me a few years back to see if I would be willing to do a book review for her book To Warm a Wintered Heart, in which I agreed to do.  Then I saw that she had another book out and I couldn’t wait to pick it up and read.

When Two Rivers Meet was an excellent read in my opinion.  I loved the characters, plot, and most of all the way it got me in the feels.  It was hard for me to put this book down so I could get some sleep because I also had to earn my paycheck as well by going to work, but when I finally had a day off I was able to just read to my heart’s content.

Ladies won’t be able to help themselves from falling in love with Mr. Elijah Bainbridge.  They’ll learn to hate the controlling mother of Lady Lilyanna Crosgrove and the dispicable Mr. Quigley.  Most importantly they’ll love how it ends.

I highly recommend this read.

Book Blurb

When a handsome stranger arrives in Bath, Miss Lilyanna Crosgrove is charmed at once by his kind manner, for Mr. Elijah Bainbridge is a true gentleman. Even Lilyanna’s overbearing mother, who dictates where Lilyanna may go and with whom she may speak, approves of the attachment.

That is, until an unsightly and unrelenting suitor seeking Lilyanna’s hand spreads rumors of Elijah’s past. Certain any connection will ruin her daughter’s reputation, Lilyanna’s mother forbids further association with Elijah and his family.

Will Lilyanna risk severing her relationship with her parents by choosing Elijah, or will she comply with her mother’s wishes, marrying someone she does not love and forfeiting the very man she does?


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