The Redgrave Murders


The Redgrave Murders by A. L. Sowards is a historical novel post WWII that has three different elements to the story.  History, Murder Mystery, and my favorite…Romance.  Though I love the other elements as well, but romance has a special place in my heart.

History…I’ve always been a lover of WWII history ever since I read Dean Hughes’ Children of the Promise series.  So reading this book as helped me glean more about the war era, specifically post war and the PTSD veterans faced.

Murder Mystery…Who doesn’t like a good murder mystery?  This book is full of mystery and speculation of who dunnit, which the author kept me rethinking of who the actual culprit was until the very end.  I did not see that coming, though after reflecting back on the story I saw hints of it.

Romance…After reading this story, I wanted Gary Redhawk for myself.  He’s protective, strong, and he has come a long way in overcoming his past that most women would run away from.  But he also as a bit of a bad boy image as well that I think all women deep down enjoys a bit in a guy, but not too much.  So in a way, Gary is the perfect guy…at least until I read a new book that makes me fall in love with another character.

Overall, this book was simply amazing and I highly recommend it to all history and mystery lovers.  This is simply a must read.  I had a hard time putting this book down to do basic adult stuff like, work, clean, and sleep.  But when I did have a chance to spend time reading the book I got through it quickly thanks to short chapters.

Book Blurb

Loss is inevitable, as Evie Hampton knows all too well. But despite losing her mother to cancer and her older brother to a war, she knows she’s one of the lucky ones. After all, she still has her father, a distinguished professor of medieval history. And she has Gary Redhawk, the man she loves despite the emotional scars he carries from the Second World War—and despite her father’s opposition to their relationship.

When Evie’s car suddenly careens off the road, she chalks it up to poor maintenance or sheer bad luck making another appearance in her life. Little does she know a host of hardships is just beginning—the car was her father’s, and the brake lines were deliberately cut. Someone wants them dead—but why? All fingers point to Gary, a man with a troubled past and no solid alibi, but Evie is unwilling to believe he’s involved. Determined to uncover the truth, she begins to piece together a startling picture of deception and vice. But as she closes in on the truth, it is clear that someone is determined to silence her—and the next attempt on her life may be a deadly success.

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